Dear Shepaug Community,

The purpose of this site is to provide you with access to comprehensive information for each course taught at Shepaug Valley School.  Beginning October 2016, each teacher will prepare an extended syllabus for every course.  This syllabus will include a course description, a detailed course outline, and the basic policies that impact the classroom/course.  Semester one information will be shared by December 1, 2016, and semester two information will be shared by February 1, 2016. This will be the case for both full-year and semester-based courses.  

For the most part, all teachers will use a similar template that includes the items stated above. High school courses will be more detailed than middle school.  Advanced Placement courses are the exception to this template since these course syllabi must meet College Board requirements.

Shepaug Valley School uses Atlas Rubicon to write detailed curriculum for each course; however, each curriculum is approximately 25 pages, and it is quite time-consuming to read and navigate.  I believe that the extended syllabus will be a more effective tool for students, parents and community members.  You may email me with questions and feedback at


Lori Ferriera

Lori Ferreira
Associate Principal