Humanities, World Languages & the Arts Overview

In Shepaug’s Humanities, World Languages & the Fine Arts Programs, students move through a progression of required and elective courses designed to address Common Core State Standards and our Shepaug Learner Outcomes. Rich in content and ideas, these courses include a comprehensive body of literary and historical sources that enable students to develop their skills in reading, writing, research, speaking, listening and critical thinking. Our courses also reflect the philosophy of the Connecticut Secondary School Reform as our study of Humanities includes a commitment to World Languages and Fine Arts to create an authentic context across the disciplines. As educators in the twenty-first century, we understand that isolated coursework is not enough to provide our students with skills and perspectives that will give them the competitive edge that they need in society.

Every student at Shepaug is required to earn at least one credit in the Fine Arts and is encouraged to learn a World Language. In addition to these requirements, students will be exposed to learning experiences that connect Fine Arts or diverse cultures with their studies through venues such as interdisciplinary field trips or projects. Our courses are heterogeneous with an emphasis on the differentiation of instruction and personal choice.

Beyond these required courses we offer many electives to meet a wide range of interests, abilities and possible career paths. The electives include AP, honors courses, and Honors Challenge, as well as the possibility of independent research and online courses. Teachers, guidance counselors, parents and students work collaboratively to help each student design the course of study that best reflects his or her talents and academic goals. Humanities Department: English Language Arts and Social Studies.